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Classic Restoring MumWrap

Classic Restoring MumWrap

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Postpartum size

Inspired by the centuries-old belly binding tradition that has helped millions of mums, the Classic Restoring MumWrap is an improved version designed for modern day mummas who have just given birth whether it's vaginal birth or c-section delivery.

The Classic Restoring MumWrap provides targeted compression to weakened and separated abdominal muscles known as diastasis recti, and to organ-ise your insides after being so stretched out! 

Our Classic Restoring MumWrap comes with 6 rows of hook-and-eye closure, allowing for 15 cm of adjustability so you can continue to tighten as you size down. Made from high-quality, breathable materials and flexible boning, the MumWrap allows for a tighter fit and greater compression than other belly binders on the market. This hourglass MumWrap sculpts perfectly to achieve your ideal postpartum silhouette. 

    Size Guide:

    MumWrap size (AU) Post-delivery waist size 
    XS - XL 80 to 97 cm
    2XL - 4XL 98 to 115 cm

    In between sizes? We recommend sizing down.

    What's included

    1 Classic Restoring MumWrap


    • Provide support and help internal organs return to place
    • Provide targeted compression to weakened and separated abdominal muscles and improve diastasis recti
    • Support and ease c-section incision
    • Promote mobility and better posture, easing back pain
    • Reduce swelling and inflammation
    • Made with breathable material that is comfortable on skin
    • Curve-shaped to accentuate your silhouette and discreet under clothing
    • Flexible boning to maintain its shape and compression over time

    How to use

    We recommend using the MumWrap as soon as 2 weeks after a vaginal delivery, and after 4 weeks for C-section delivery.

    Place the MumWrap around your body and make sure it's the right side up, fasten the hook-and-eye clasps from top to bottom at the desired level of compression. The MumWrap should feel supported and comfortable, it is too tight if you cannot take full deep breaths.

    Use the MumWrap for at least 6 hours each day, better results can be achieved with longer wear.

    DO NOT USE the MumWrap directly on a c-section incision as the friction may cause irritation and redness, only use after you have applied our reusable Silicone C-section Scar Patch.

    For both c-section and vaginal deliveries please check with your healthcare provider for guidance based on your individual delivery especially if you’re experiencing any post-delivery or postpartum issues.

    Golden Period

    Belly binding provides the most benefit in the first 12 weeks after your delivery, this is your Golden Recovery Period!


    Hand wash cold
    Do not bleach
    Line dry
    Do not iron
    Do not dry clean

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    What is Diastasis Recti

    Diastasis recti is a common condition that affects up to 82% of women during the first postpartum year.

    During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles stretch out to accommodate the baby, and this makes them prone to separation.

    Diastasis recti often resolves itself over time, but avoiding lifting heavy things, doing the right exercises and wearing a belly binder during the "golden period" will encourage quicker and fuller healing.

    • Shortened Postpartum Bleeding

    • Return to Pre-pregnancy Size Faster

    • Renewed Sense of Self

    • Stronger Core Muscles

    • Improved Posture

    • Deep Relaxation

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    Rachelle C
    Thanks for this great product

    I could barely get it to fit my first few days and thought i was doomed, but i continued to wear it everyday even while feeding my daughter and picking up around the house. I couldn't be more happy about my results so far! Thank you so much!

    Chloe Williamson
    Holds me together

    At first is a little uncomfortable but once you get used to wearing a Binder after giving birth you can feel the Binder helping your insides heal as well as it helps keep your insides from jiggling when you have to move around and especially when you have to cough. That's when you know it's really working and it's helping you heal from the inside out.

    Nice product

    Just gave birth this past Monday, started wearing the band on Wednesday and today (Thursday) I'm already seeing a huge difference in my tummy.

    Bek Keating Pask
    7 weeks postpartum

    Looking after yourself and investing in your healing in this golden recovery period is crucial! Love that the belly binder is size adjustable providing 15cm of adjustment, so as everything goes back into place you can adjust the setting to suit!

    Jana May Margo
    Postpartum recovery essential!

    Love this!! Get it!!

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