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Silicone C-section Scar Patch

Silicone C-section Scar Patch

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Did you know that scar tissues are waaay more sensitive and vulnerable than your normal skin, which is why sometimes the scar can be itchy or uncomfortable especially when it rubs against your clothes.

Makes sense right, which is why you should protect your incision with silicone. Medical researches show that silicone provides an ideal healing environment to effectively improve the look and feel of your scar by keeping it hydrated and protected. 

Our Silicone C-section Scar Patches are made with medical-grade silicone. They are reusable and each patch can be used up to one week, we promise it doesn't hurt at all when you peel it off!

What's included

5 Silicone C-section Scar Patches (individually packaged)


Medical-grade silicone and polydimethylsilane


Each patch is 16cm long and 5cm wide (they can be cut into any desired lengths and shapes with scissors!)

How to use

Make sure that:

  1. your wound is completely healed first
  2. the scar area is clean, hair-free & dry (skip the moisturisers and oils)
  3. you clean the patch daily by rinsing with water and then drying naturally or with a hair dryer
  4. change to a new Scar Patch every 7 days

To start, we recommend slowly increasing the wear time from 2-4 hours each day by 2 hours until you feel comfortable wearing 24 hours straight.

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