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Deswelling Foot Patch

Deswelling Foot Patch

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"Edema" aka swelling is very common in pregnancy especially in the lower parts of the body after a long day, these foot patches use natural herbs to help get rid of the swelling and excessive water in your body.

Our patches are made of 100% natural ingredients and bamboo vinegar which is known to detoxify and remove impurities. Just leave the foot patches on overnight and you'll be able to see the moist that is absorbed from your body! You'll be able to feel the difference instantly the next morning, but we recommend using them daily for 8 days for best result.

Our foot patches use 100% natural ingredients and have the following benefits:

  • Reduce swelling in the legs
  • Detoxify and remove impurities
  • Increase blood circulation and metabolism 
  • Improve sleep quality

What's included

16 foot patches (good for 8 days used on both feet)


Bamboo vinegar (45%), Chitosan, Cellulose, Vitamin C. and other natural herbal extracts

How to use

  1. Use at night before going to sleep and clean your feet first
  2. Peel off the backing on the adhesive tape and stick the side of the patch with red markings in the centre of the adhesive tape
  3. Stick the patch onto the sole of your foot, then repeat for the other foot
  4. Remove the next morning or after 8 hours, rinse your feet with water
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